Turning Trash Becomes Land of Business

December 03, 2013

Entrepreneurship is basically a change in activity . And the change begins with an entrepreneurial basis of the view that every problem is an opportunity .

So if you like the changes , try to do it by solving the garbage problem in the location you live . All the problems are there changes : Yes habits , social issues , the mindset , the resistance of citizens, local government officers in the game , the involvement of agents of change , to sacrifice , and creativity to make the cost of business opportunities .

So this is not just a matter of the governor of Jakarta again mumet cope with flooding and traffic congestion in Jakarta . It’s a problem everyone else from the Port Malahayati in Banda Aceh , Sinabang Siemeleu Island , Lake Toba , Kuta Beach , Banjarmasin , Jikumerasa lake on Buru Island to Manado and Merauke . All cities , lakes and rivers were polluted by garbage . And that most are plastic drinking water bottles and shampoo sachets .

When the first 80 percent of waste is organic , now contrast, 80 percent of the trash is plastic and packaging are difficult to disentangle by inorganic soil . Though it is biomass , the fuel can be used for generating power plants , furnaces and fire at a range of different plants that only 10-20 percent of calories from coal .

Market trash

It should be recognized methods of handling our trash no progress since 40 years ago even though the Act has to be implemented waste management . Since 40 years ago , all local governments focus only involves the garbage from the market , the traditional market open to landfill .

Yes , only in the wet market that we find a large tub waste management . And even then only one or two pieces of trash . Citizens who do not have any self-organizing landfills . Pay by RT / RW ago looking for ordinary people who carry the wheelbarrow . There LGs absent , or let it become obyekan the unscrupulous .

The garbage was dumped into the cement tanks located on the outside of the home , then the clerk menyeroknya using a large fork and hoe . Puzzled , they looked for a vacant land that could be used as a disposal area . Usually by the time . If it rains, the trash was washed away , and then accumulate in the estuary ( Jakarta ) . Because if you throw in the bath market , they incur costs by paramedics market .

In the market itself , its capacity is increasingly inadequate . Hundreds of people on motorcycles , every day throw one or two plastic bags containing trash from the villages that do not have waste transportation system .

So 700 trucks haul waste in the capital market it is just garbage . So who will hold a trash in residential areas ?

Chairman of RT / RW was looking for an astute sense approaching cars belonging to local government sanitation departments . They make a deal . His decision , garbage transported every day .

The problem is , now increasingly jammed roads . Hours for truck trips in and out of the city are now limited . In any landfill garbage trucks had to queue , jammed . As a result, the trucks were getting sluggish beroprasi and garbage in residential areas increasingly neglected . Of the three trips a bygone era , now garbage trucks can only carry one garbage day trips .

But you know , there is still one more problem : cement tanks . These bins are there in front of our houses . The sink can not be removed like a bath – tub pelastik . So it takes time to move it into the truck .

A friend once counting . It turned out that it took 6 minutes to scrape garbage discharged and transported . So traveling the housing , in 1 Hour , at most only 10 pieces of trash from the house that can be transported . If the officer operates 4 hours , meaning that only half of RT ( 40 families) that trash can be transported . Now you understand not , why waste your only removed once a week .

And if one house to pay Rp 30,000 ( a month ) for the cost of cleaning , meaning for the RT ( 80 families ) obtained only Rp 2.4 million a month , or USD 80,000 per day . This is definitely not attractive to officers who moonlight or businesses that use freight truck . If the RW alone there are 800 people , means obtained Rp 24 million . Even then, 10 percent of people usually do not want to pay . But if middle- class housing , usually willing to pay more .

Now just a month rent trucks could reach Rp 10 million , not including the cost of fuel , labor and waste costs . Even then, not every day can be transported . So imagine , what it would do people dispose of their waste in addition to vacant land on the edges of time ?

Business Waste

About ten years ago house changes once put serious attention to the problem of waste . We introduce new entrepreneurs who process waste environment . One of them managed to make a village scale thrasher .

But the problem is , a strong change management required to run it . However, most employers tend not dare do it . They are just doing business as usual .

So , first , there must be the desire of people to be taken care of other people’s trash , but they must be willing to pay the charge .

Second , cement tanks must be replaced with a large plastic buckets with five ways – six home wearing a big garbage can . Third , the waste is transported to the cost of transport baktor inexpensive and can penetrate the village ,

Fourth , there should be a piece of land the size of about 100 square meters allocated to process waste society for chopping and sorting .

And there should be five entrepreneurs who want to get your hands dirty in this business .

Well , where its Change ?

Look . When the program starts you will meet many obstacles . There are people who do not want to pay , prefer to dispose freely than others’ care . There are many people who do not want the cement tubs replaced , and if replaced plastic tubs , they do not want the tub is placed in front of their house .

You probably will find tanks that carried people missing , or burnt plastic bins and tubs certain people . When a cat or scavengers rummage through trash and scattered outside the tub , they were laying on her front plastic tub used as a irritability bersma a tub and asked that it be moved . After that you will meet with the heads of the requested part RT waste money , they even asked for the right to collect , but often delinquent delivery to you .

This is just a little problem . After that you will be protests of citizens who live near the treatment site. They will say ” This shit smells ” and disrupt their families . They also pointed , polluted groundwater . In addition, the officers would come from the district or municipality who question ” waste management license ” that you never knew .

But do not be discouraged . All that there is a solution . I myself have menjalakannya and passing times more difficult than to tell. And do not forget , underneath it all there is a great business opportunity . Pungent smell did not happen . All can be overcome provided you persevere . (Rhenald Kasali)

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